Bill Recording Process with Odoo ERP: Receiving Bills Directly via Email

May 30, 2024 by
Ram Taparia

In today's fast-paced business environment, efficiency and automation are critical for maintaining a competitive edge. One area where businesses can significantly streamline their operations is in the management of incoming bills. Odoo ERP, a comprehensive and versatile enterprise resource planning system, offers a powerful solution that allows businesses to receive bills directly into the ERP system via email. This functionality simplifies the billing process, reduces manual data entry, and minimizes errors, ultimately saving time and resources.

How It Works

Odoo's email integration feature is designed to seamlessly handle incoming bills. Here’s a step-by-step overview of how this process works:

  1. Dedicated Email Address: Each company using Odoo ERP can set up a dedicated email address (e.g., where suppliers can send their invoices.
  2. Automatic Bill Creation: When an email containing an invoice is sent to this dedicated address, Odoo automatically processes the email. The system extracts the relevant data from the attached invoice and creates a corresponding bill entry in the ERP.
  3. Data Extraction and Validation: Odoo uses advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to read and extract data from the invoice, such as the supplier’s details, invoice number, date, and amount. This data is then validated against predefined rules to ensure accuracy and compliance with company policies.
  4. Bill Review and Approval: The automatically created bill is then routed to the appropriate personnel for review and approval. This step ensures that all invoices are checked for accuracy before any payments are processed.
  5. Payment Scheduling: Once approved, the bill can be scheduled for payment according to the company’s payment terms and cash flow management strategy. Odoo can also automate payment reminders and integrate with banking systems to facilitate electronic payments.

Benefits of Receiving Bills Directly into Odoo ERP via Email

  1. Time Savings: Automating the bill entry process eliminates the need for manual data entry, freeing up valuable time for your accounting team to focus on more strategic tasks.
  2. Accuracy and Compliance: With OCR technology and validation rules, the chances of data entry errors are significantly reduced, ensuring that your financial records are accurate and compliant with regulations.
  3. Enhanced Efficiency: Streamlining the bill receipt and approval process reduces bottlenecks and accelerates the time from invoice receipt to payment, improving your company’s operational efficiency.
  4. Cost Reduction: By minimizing manual processes and errors, companies can reduce the administrative costs associated with bill management and avoid late payment penalties.
  5. Better Supplier Relationships: Prompt and accurate payment processing enhances relationships with suppliers, who will appreciate the reliability and efficiency of your billing process.

Setting Up Bill Receipt via Email in Odoo ERP

Implementing this feature in Odoo ERP is straightforward. Here’s a brief guide:

  1. Configuration: Set up the dedicated email address within the Odoo system. This can typically be done in the settings under the Accounting module.
  2. Integration: Ensure that your email server is integrated with Odoo. This may involve configuring IMAP/SMTP settings so that Odoo can access the emails sent to the dedicated address.
  3. OCR and Validation Rules: Customize the OCR settings and validation rules to suit your business needs. This may include defining the format of invoices, required data fields, and compliance checks.
  4. Approval Workflow: Design your bill approval workflow within Odoo. You can set up multiple levels of approval, assign roles, and define escalation procedures for overdue approvals.
  5. Training and Testing: Train your accounting team on the new process and perform thorough testing to ensure that all configurations are working correctly before going live.


Odoo ERP’s capability to receive bills directly via email is a game-changer for businesses looking to enhance their billing processes. By leveraging this feature, companies can achieve greater efficiency, accuracy, and cost savings, all while improving supplier relationships. If you’re looking to modernize your financial operations and reduce the administrative burden of bill management, integrating Odoo’s email billing feature is a strategic move that promises significant benefits.

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